Espoon hiippakunnan piispa Kaisamari Hintikka

Piispa Kaisamari Hintikka aloitti tehtävässään 1.2.2019 ja hänet vihittiin piispan virkaan vihkimysmessussa Espoon tuomiokirkossa 10.2.2019.

Sermon at Espoo Cathedral 10.2.2019, Kaisamari Hintikka

In our midstMatt. 13: 24-30

Kaisamari Hintikka, Sermon at Espoo Cathedral, 10.2.2019

In the last few years I’ve often travelled by train between Geneva and Strasbourg. During the journey you have to change train two or three times. One of these changes is always at Basel. You cross the border between Switzerland and France in the process. You would scarcely notice the border if it weren’t for the customs officers monitoring the flow of people.

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